Foreclosure By Fraud

Understanding The Fraudulent Nature Of Most Foreclosures
Copyright © 2013 Edward H. Smith, Author

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Foreclosure By Fraud has been compiled and written for the benefit of lawmakers, the law enforcement community, the foreclosure-defense legal community, the media, and the millions of homeowners who are victims, or at risk, of a wrongful foreclosure. Nothing contained herein is intended to be, or should be construed as, legal advice or any other advice which requires state or federal professional licensing of any kind. If you are looking for legal advice, a legal opinion, or legal representation; you should engage the services of an attorney. This resource has been prepared and derived from the information gathered in connection with extensive research, review of documents, meetings with homeowners, and attendance at court hearings with respect to hundreds of related court cases (at all levels of the Court system) over the past several years in the wake of the national foreclosure crisis. The explicit purpose of this work is to expose and defeat the operation of foreclosure mills and their relentless orchestration of wrongful foreclosures; by providing the foundation on which to build a sound foreclosure defense.

Foreclosure By Fraud is a compilation and commentary on the irrefutable existence of fraud that has overwhelmed the foreclosure process in the wake of the national housing crisis. Its uniqueness is found in the fact that its conclusions are based on thousands of pages of documents, reports, and legal pleadings produced by the U.S. Government (all referenced and available electronically). The report is organized in five sections:

  • Introduction

  • Some Preliminary Matters of Understanding

  • The Role of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS)

  • The Real Nature Of The Settlements With The Banks

  • Alleging Fraud In Foreclosure Defense Actions

  • You Be The Judge

As such, Foreclosure By Fraud is a MUST for homeowners and their attorneys seeking to build the best defense to a wrongful foreclosure or possessory action. Foreclosure By Fraud is available only through this webpage, in electronic format only, for a one-time subscription fee of $350.