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The major purpose for compiling Foreclosure By Fraud was to provide homeowners, and their legal representatives, with an irrefutably sound foundation of facts and circumstances upon which to build foreclosure defense actions.

Unfortunately, the foreclosure arena has produced a myriad of failed foreclosure defense efforts in local, state and federal jurisdictions all over the United States; as Courts at all levels have been unable to agree on the fundamental rights of mortgagors, mortgagees, and/or their successors and assigns in this era of complex derivative financing arrangements on Wall Street. These derivative financing arrangements turned basic mortgages transactions into extraordinarily complex securities transactions.

In the wake of the national housing crisis, the big banks, and their financial counterparts on Wall Street, spent millions of dollars convincing lawmakers and courts to buy into the notion that missing mortgage payments is indefensible - and should form the basis for an indefensible foreclosure action.

However, Foreclosure By Fraud exposes a much different story. Years of research and study (please also visit www.ehsportal.com) led to the realization that the U.S. Government has conducted very costly and intense investigations into the exact scope, exact nature, and exact causes of the foreclosure crisis. Furthermore, the U.S. Government, by and through a host of its agencies, has taken key actions against the big banks for their wrongful acts and conduct.

The premise behind Foreclosure By Fraud, therefore, is that foreclosure defense actions are best built on a platform that includes this government-produced foundation of critical facts and findings which support the fraud inherent to the cause of the national housing and foreclosure crisis.

The bottom line is that your subscription to Foreclosure By Fraud can save you valuable time, energy, effort, and cost if you are in the process of fighting a foreclosure and you want the real facts.

Hopefully, the work will help you as it has helped many others.

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